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Taw Roofing Ltd are a reliable, quality roofing service provider based in Fremington, serving North Devon and Torridge.

We provide full roof renewals and roof repairs on a wide range roof types including slate, tiled, garage and flat roofs. We also fix and install new UPVC gutters, fascias and cladding.

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All roofing services are carried out by Taw Roofing Ltd, not outsourced to unknown contractors.

Our high quality standard of workmanship is applied to every project, for guaranteed best results.

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We are Firestone Flat Roof and Free Foam UPVC approved installers. Our high quality standard of workmanship is applied to every project, for guaranteed best results.


From slate, tile, and flat roofs to UPVC dry ridge, guttering, fascias, and soffits, Taw Roofing Ltd uses the best quality materials to ensure every project is carried out professionally and to the highest standards.

Here are a few of our recent projects. Contact us today to discuss your roofing requirements.

On this project the customer wanted the roof to be ready for the winter. On inspection the roof was full of moss blocking the tile channels, the roof vents had been installed incorrectly by another contractor and the ridge and verge mortar had perished. To rectify the issues we cleared both sides of the roof of moss (without the use of a pressure washer as this damages the tiles), installed a new dry ridge and verge system and installed the roof vents correctly and in the correct position for this type of roof.

We sometimes undertake unusual roofs and this was one of those. A customer had been in contact regarding perished under felt which had been damage by mice and needed replacing. These are unusual tiles (Cotswolds; note the differing tile sizes) for the North Devon/Torridge area but we were able to help drawing on experience from similar tiles we had worked with. We sourced replacement tiles and renewed the roof, installing a new breathable membrane to replace the perished under felt.

A customer had approached us regarding a leak on their flat roof. On inspection, the felt flat roof had come to the end of it life-span and begun to deteriorate, allowing water through onto the ceiling below in various places. To rectify the problem, we removed the existing felt flat roof and installed a new single ply Firestone rubber roof (we are approved installation contractors), which has no joins as it is installed in one piece, without the need for flame and is proven to last 50+ years.